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They say no one is irreplaceable; but they are. Walking out of a café or putting down the phone after splitting from a lover or walking out onto a busy street as the world seems to hurtle on regardless ...

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When I was a boy we lived 2 doors down from St John’s Church, I spent my youth playing around it, on it and under it - always in its shadow. The bells would ring out at Easter and Christmas and the old vicar would shout at us for playing football against its wall ...

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We had already recorded a version of “I Don’t Wanna Go Round Again” during the ‘Loved’ sessions but we couldn’t get the sound right. Nick had seen Barny Rowe playing drums for local bands ‘Baldydee’ and ‘The All Stars’ and thought we could try a more full on arrangement ...

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The album “Loved” was recorded in one day at Berry Hill studio in the Forest of Dean, England. The group set up in a circle and played the songs completely live. Any technical mistakes, musical glitches or slip of hand or word were overlooked in preference of a good performance of the songs...

10 Track demo  


After several years of writing nothing I rediscovered my mojo and love of music, revisited some half-written songs, wrote more, went into the studio and recorded what I’d done. It was this set of 10 songs which gave birth to The Rivermen.

Pink Moon Demo  


Embryonic Rivermen demo from 2001

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