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Album  - 'My Best Mistakes' by The Rivermen. 2006.

Track Name Time  
Higher ground 3:28 Lyric 3.9 MB
My Weary Heart 4:52 Lyric 5.5 MB
The Fall 4:29 Lyric 5.1 MB
May Hill 1:56 Lyric 2.2 MB
I Just Want To Say 3:46 Lyric 4.3 MB
I Don't Wanna Go 'Round Again 3:12 Lyric 3.6 MB
The Passion 4:08 Lyric 4.7 MB
Pass This Way 3:33 Lyric 4.0 MB
All The Magic 4:11 Lyric 4.8 MB
Things You Said 2:02 Lyric 3.8 MB
My Best Mistakes 3:24 Lyric 4.4 MB

The physical CD is free, but a contribution to production and postal cost would be appreciated. Get in touch by e-mail by using the 'Contact' link above.


We had already recorded a version of “I Don’t Wanna Go Round Again” during the ‘Loved’ sessions but we couldn’t get the sound right. Nick had seen Barny Rowe playing drums for local bands ‘Baldydee’ and ‘The All Stars’ and thought we could try a more full on arrangement. Peter had been simultaneously working on the uplifting ‘Higher Ground’ and it became clear that Barny could bring something extra to this new project. When Barny heard the songs he immediately understood and slipped seamlessly into the groove. The result was a diverse collection of tracks that change direction throughout. We decided to present the songs in a vinyl album format, dividing the collection into sides one and two (on two cds).

‘My Best Mistakes’ is a long playing album in the classic sense with a richness and depth not only in the arrangements, but in the excellent songs themselves.