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Album  - 'Loved' by The Rivermen. 2005.

Collide 3:18 Lyric 3.7 MB
Baby It's True 4:42 Lyric 5.3 MB
Unfinished Business 1:06 Lyric 3.5 MB
Leave This Town #1 2:44 Lyric 3.6 MB
Westbury Station 2:42 Lyric 3.1 MB
After Time 4:50 Lyric 5.4 MB
Leave This Town #2 1:10 Lyric 1.3 MB
Me and You 3:10 Lyric 3.5 MB
Cathedral Bells 2:18 Lyric 2.5 MB
Bring it Back 3:53 Lyric 4.4 MB

The physical CD is free, but a contribution to production and postal cost would be appreciated. Get in touch by e-mail by using the 'Contact' link above.

The album “Loved” was recorded in one day at Berry Hill studio in the Forest of Dean, England. The group set up in a circle and played the songs completely live. Any technical mistakes, musical glitches or slip of hand or word were overlooked in preference of a good performance of the songs. The album was to be a document expressing how it feels to find oneself at the time and place in life that they, the band, had found themselves. Focussing only on emotion, and of how life has a different complexion when you are on either side of relationships, some successful, others less so, but all leaving their shadow and scars or “a mark across my heart” as the lyrics of ‘Me and You’ say.

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Inspired by the early recordings of The Band, instruments were swapped around between members and Nick and Peter swapping vocal duties, sometimes mid-song like on the cover version of The Faces' ‘Debris’ where the lead vocal is swapped between them to allow harmonies to have more edge. The only rule was if it couldn’t be played live it wouldn’t be on the tape.

The feel of the album was to be rooted somewhere next to ‘Pink Moon’ by Nick Drake, ‘Nebraska’ by Springsteen and ‘Master and Everyone’ by Bonny Prince Billy. The cover and title were to come from a painting by friend of the band, Michelle Whiting. Michelle had given the painting to Peter as a present for contributing the song ‘Surrender to the flood’ for her film about lonely hearts. The back and inside cover photos see a collection of random items (see above) collected from the lives of the band members. Items which have been ‘loved’ or represent some place, time or person. The physical CD contains two extra tracks - 'Don't Say It's Over' and 'Debris'.