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Album  - 'Early Morning 5 O'Clock' by The Rivermen. 2014.

Track Name Time  
Intro/Book Without a Cover 5:18 Lyric 5.1 MB
Half Broken Things 2:50 Lyric 2.7 MB
Old Campaign T-Shirt 2:39 Lyric 2.5 MB
Let Go of What it's Not 3:56 Lyric 3.8 MB
Confetti Battle 2:59 Lyric 2.9 MB
The Reason Why 1:20 Lyric 1.3 MB
Sleeping on the Floor 3:15 Lyric 3.1 MB
Green 2:36 Lyric 2.5 MB
Sticks and Stones 3:58 Lyric 3.8 MB
All That I Gave 3:04 Lyric 3 MB
Our Father 2:36 Lyric 2.5 MB

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Old Campaign T-Shirt Sticks and Stones Old Campaign T-Shirt Green Sleeping On The Floor Half Broken Things The Reason Why Let Go Of What is Not Our Father All That I Gave Book Without a Cover Confetti Battle

They say no one is irreplaceable; but they are. Walking out of a café or putting down the phone after splitting from a lover or walking out onto a busy street as the world seems to hurtle on regardless. But from that moment someone is forever missing.

Behind each unknowing and unconcerned face that drifts past, buttoned under every tightly fastened coat, every heart holds a story of its own. Every love that has passed leaves an echo on us. We never know what it’s like to hold our own child until we do, while the hard end of the same lesson is that we will never know the pain of losing someone until they are gone.

Learning to let go is perhaps the hardest lesson, but this will allow us to move on, finally - if not ever quite completely.