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An anti arms trade song. The video was recorded on 1988 and features Martin Campbell on bass and Bob Wond on drums. The video never received airplay – I wonder why.

I wiat for you
  Wire Rain
‘I wait for you’ by Union Sundown. This track crept out on the flipside of the single ‘Praying to the wrong God’.
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‘Wire Rain’ by Yossarian.
I’m not the King of rock ‘n’ roll – Honest!
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‘Man Without a Plan’. The definitive collection of Peter Assirati’s early work over several years, released under The Clinkers banner as a flag of convenience.  Click image above to order CD via post. Features the following tracks;

1. The whole world’s on fire   Download
2. Long way   Download
3. An inch of skin   Download
4. Summer of love is over   Download
5. Behind closed doors   Download
6. She lets the world   Download
7. The Trains   Download
8. Cruelty   Download
9. Man without a plan   Download
10. Peppermint freedom   Download


Also available on CD only. Click images to order.
  Three Stations East / The Clinkers
20 early singles, b-sides, demos etc.

This live album was recorded in one hit with no overdubs in 1998. The gig was also a benefit concert for "Sight Savers International" - A charity that works to fight the effects of river blindness in the developing world. The CD features a bonus studio track from the 'Yossarian' sessions titled "Take the lift".


EXTREME CLINKERS is a compilation of songs compiled from demos, records and cassette tapes from the archive of music produced by the band members over the years. For extreme Clinker fans only.