It was Christmas 2000 when Nick finally dragged me out of retirement to write and record again. We did 4 songs; 3 I’d written and a cover of ‘It’s a shame about Ray’. It was scratchy but not without charm. Wendy gave me some money to buy a new guitar and within a short space of time, and due to some landslide meetings of people coming into my life, I began writing again. I rewrote some tracks (Flowers), re-jigged some old unrecorded ones (No Distance, Campaign T-shirt) and wrote some new ones.

It was this set of 10 songs which gave birth to The Rivermen. You can get in touch and we’ll send you a free copy.

  1. Pass This Way
  2. Always Waiting
  3. Flowers from a Grave #2
  4. Just Today
  5. Thrown Away
  6. Old Campaign T-shirt
  7. Early Morning
  8. I don’t Wanna Go Round Again
  9. No Distance
  10. Always Waiting (Reprise)